Herman Needs A Home

Herman Needs A Home

A Little crab’s search for a shell to call home.

When Herman the hermit crab gets too big for his shell, he can’t find a new one that feels just right. With his sister, Hiro, he travels up and down the beach in search of a shelve can call home. They don’t find a shell, but they do find something else – a pile of rubbish left behind on the sand. But can Herman make a home out of any of it?

This story by Lucy Noguera has everything in it…adventure, sun, sand, sea, hermit crabs and a dog! It’s a super funny and sweet story about Herman and Hiro who embark on a mission to find a home just the right size for Herman. The story setting also brings much awareness to environmentalism and the importance of conserving our beaches for wildlife.

You can purchase a copy of the book by visiting http://www.brilliantmonsters.com/


August 26, 2023

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